May 14, 2023

Today I update the big picture for the SPX, NDX, Treasuries, Gold & Silver + the US Dollar Index. The SPX and NDX remain in the process of completing Primary B wave countertrend rallies, within the larger move both indexes continue higher to complete Minor 5th waves and in turn Intermediate C waves.  The larger

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Eye of the Storm Podcast – Big Picture Update 5/14/2023 by Michael Filighera

April 10, 2023

Tonight’s discussion starts with the Equity market action – with another look at the importance of understanding why the markets seem to hover in the current range regardless of news. Also, we discuss Interest Rates – Yields going down? – What about that Recession – How’s the Banking Sector – Next weeks CPi and PPI

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Eye of the Storm Podcast with Michael Filighera and Dan Ascani 4/08/2023