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We have built a reputation for supporting that most neglected and underappreciated group of traders who nevertheless bring their passion to learn and love of trading to the table.

Simple, Sensible Trading Tutorials

Learn how to work with the markets within your margin account size.


Simple Strategies

Learn which trading strategies can work with a small margin account.


Market Choices

Are some markets better than others for small account traders? 



Can a trader still start small and expect to achieve success?


A fluff-free, straightforward and down to earth beginner guide, How to Get Started Trading Futures is a step by step guide to getting started in futures trading, with plenty of chart examples. Written in an easy to follow format that any novice trader will find useful, this is the sort of information traders say they wish they had when they were just starting out on their own trading career.

The Best Kept Secrets on Wall Street - and other trading strategies revealed. A look at some of  the best kept trading secrets and collective wisdom of a selection of well known traders, learned over many years of trading the markets and  all gathered into one easy to access resource.

The stats don't lie. Over 90 percent of the most successful traders keep a trading journal. The other 10 percent who don't keep a journal and are still successful are either naturally gifted traders or just plain lucky. Rather than rely on luck, a properly kept journal can stack the odds in your favor.

"An easy to understand, clear and concise description of a simple method for day trading Crude Oil". 32 pages with no fluff or extraneous material and plenty of chart examples. All that volatility and large ranges makes Crude a perfect market for Day Traders, but the market is merciless if you don’t know what you’re doing. Trade it well and Crude Oil can make you more money than nearly any other market you can trade.

What Our STUDENTs Are Saying

What do past students think?

“Erich also helped me to put together a trade journal which is another invaluable tool to have. If I had to sum it up with the two best things I took from Erich’s mentoring, it would be position sizing and the confidence he gave me that I know I am on the right track to trading. There was a lot of other great stuff that he taught me which I have kept notes of and refer to often. To me the mentoring classes were worth every dime. Time and money well spent!”

 -Brian B., Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Wanted to send a quick note to say thanks again, I am really enjoying the e-zine. I thought the SR manual was absolutely amazing. The in depth cotton trade was by far one of the most useful things I have read in my quest for trading knowledge."

- Gerald D.

"I just finished reading your manual and have to congratulate you. It is excellent, the best I have read on the S&R topic".

- Bob J.

Best Sellers

Ultimate MACD Guide to Profits: How to Get The Most Out Of Your MACD.
The MACD is VERY easy to interpret, and coupled with reliability and its ability to lend itself to infinite tweaking, makes it one of the the most popular tools for traders in any market. This guide includes trading strategies utilizing the MACD that have not ever been made public.
 Just $24 - one time payment, instant access, free upgrades for life:

The Ultimate RSI Guide to Profits: How to Get The Most Out Of Your RSI. The
 RSI has been affectionately called the "Trader's Secret Weapon". Another SUPERHERO of secondary indicators, It's almost a "super-indicator", doing the job of several different indicators. But that's not all it can do.  Includes strategies not previously released.
 Just $19 - one time payment, instant access, and free upgrades for life:

How I use the MACD

I get a lot of questions about indicators. Here is one I find useful - however, please note that by their very nature,  indicators cannot predict the market, they provide an insight into what MAY happen based on past events...and we all know that past performance doesn't guarantee future results :)

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