September 5, 2014

The Logical Signals Trade Room Opens Monday, September 2nd at 9 AM EST

I am very excited to begin the Logical Signals Trade Room on Monday September 8, 2014.  Space is limited to 50 members, (subscribers) and while there are a few places still open the room is filling up.  If you are still thinking about joining please reread the description below and take advantage of the special introductory offer of 3 months for $297.  The offer is good through Friday September 12, 2014 or if the room reaches 50 members before Friday. Once the room reaches capacity the special introductory offer will end.   We’ll begin on Monday at 9 AM EST with building “market awareness” which will be followed by Rich Friesen from Mind Muscle Academy who will take members through a “personal awareness” exercise.  Together these “awareness” building exercises will prepare us for the trading day.

I look forward to trading together.

“Michael, how can I get into your trading room?”

The question was posed by a Logical Signals reader who was impressed with my calls. Unfortunately, as I told him, I didn’t have a public trading room. For the most part I trade on my own.

But I do meet with and have traded with various groups of traders, where we share our latest insights and strategy. It’s something I’ve been doing for the last 25 years and without it, I’d never have made it to where I am today: a successful full-time trader.

Ok, whatever, you’ve heard that one before about the “success.”

Be skeptical, I don’t blame you, but soon enough, when we get to know each other more, you’ll see it’s true with your own eyes.

Today, I want to tell you about how those groups have had such a profitable impact on me. Some more formal than others but all with the same mission:

Leverage each other’s trading knowledge
and insight to make more money.

We all know the combined knowledge of a group of experts is infinitely more powerful than going it alone. And it’s a lot more interesting and fun too. But bottom line, well – that’s just it – the bottom line is a whole lot fatter when you can leverage the knowledge of a group.

Maybe you’ve been in such a group. It’s kind of the same thing as Napoleon Hill’s “mastermind” – a group of minds that meld together as one so that all members receive the benefit of the collective or “mastermind.”


Sometimes these groups are just five people. Sometimes more than 100. They can last for years or just a few months. Some have lasted for years and we’re still meeting, sharing, and making money we wouldn’t have made otherwise.

At least 80% of what I do came out from what I received from other traders. Sometimes they just gave me an idea to test something, which of course I brought back to the group. Other times I applied their exact strategy. The groups always helped me find what was working at the time as well as avoid or get out of what was dead.

And they’ve kept me sane. It’s easy to go nuts when you spend too much time on your own. Sure, it’s fun sometimes – building and testing – but a group helps you to strip away your own BS and procrastination and get back to making money.

Now You Can Join My Group

This is a very limited invitation to join me and just 50 other traders in my private trading room…which is the kind of group I’ve been talking about.

Yes, it’s a trading room. You’re going to learn the strategies I’ve honed over the last 25 years. I ‘m going to show you everything I do and how to do it. But that’s just scratching the surface. Or should I say, that’s just where this incredible “trading mastermind” will begin.

You see, you get so much more when you hook up with a committed group of traders. You’ll learn a number of different strategies that work in the now. You’re not learning something that made money five years ago or even last year. We all know markets change and strategies always need to evolve and change too. That’s a fact you can’t ignore. In this private trading room, you’ll always be on the cutting edge.

To get started you’ll be able to try my methods – the very same strategies that make me my living. Run with them as is or evolve them to suit your style. When you’re ready and if you feel comfortable, we’d love to learn about your experience. If you’ve never experienced this type of trading room, you’re in for a nice surprise.

It’s powerful.
In my experience, the path to profitable trading.

To understand why this is so special and why the rewards can be so great, I must take a moment to explain a little bit about my trading strategy.

It used to be simpler to trade in terms of being able to label the market as bullish or bearish and then knowing how and when to trade.

But over the years, and particularly with electronic trading, it became much more complex. You can’t make bullish or bearish statements that actually mean anything in terms of making a good decision anymore.

Sure, people still do it, but it’s certainly not the basis for a sound trading decision. At any given time there are many groups and factions of traders in the market, all with their own particular reasons to be there.

There are day traders, index arbitrage traders, options traders, desks that handle corporate bonds or what have you, etc. If you sit a try and figure out why they are buying, believing the answer will enable you to make a good trading decision, well, you’re going to be wrong most of the time because there’s almost never just one predominant reason of why the market is moving in a particular direction.

Instead, I take that kind of thinking out of the equation so I can actually see what is happening. To put it another way, I focus on the basics and keep it simple. When you over-analyze, rationalize, come up with theories – even if they are informed by years of experience – you are either going to miss the trade or make a decision that is actually based on nothing real and therefore it won’t bring you consistent results.

The news is good example of analysis that is a waste of time. They change their mind every other day. Clearly, their job is to engage their audience but it doesn’t really matter if they say it’s going up or down – as long as they have some half credible reasoning to back it up. And everyone knows it’s just a theory, anyway.

I don’t trade a single penny based on a theory.


Theories – even if they are my own – factor in a whole lot of interpretations that may or may not be relevant. And even after the trade, whether I won or lost, I’ll never know for sure if it was because I was right. Certainly my ego would like think so…but all that is just a waste of time.

In my 25 years of experience and what I’ve observed in other traders, success is always much simpler. I want you to understand that in advance. We’re not interested in complex strategies that factor in too many variables. We’re not interested in trading prowess that takes years to develop.

This is a group that sticks to the basics of what works and has an aversion to anything overly complex.
Even if you’re new to trading, you should have no trouble applying these strategies..

But Here’s My Problem…How do I choose the traders?

At first I thought I would have an application process. But I realized this won’t work. You see, I could pick someone and then find out that they are there with the wrong attitude. How can I know that from the application?

And I might overlook someone because they don’t have much experience and then miss out because they are enthusiastic and passionate about learning the strategies, applying and testing variations and then sharing their results. Again, hard to know if that’s going to happen from an application.

50 is the absolute max I’ll take but I’m good with a dozen of the right people too. And you should be as well. 500 traders who are looking to take and not give anything in return … it’s just not what this is about.

Like I mentioned, I’ve been doing this “unofficially” for years and it’s been a huge part of my success. But I also know we could have been doing it better. Our meetings were scheduled here and there when it seemed best and consequently there were times when we didn’t talk for months…but whenever we did, we always regretted not getting together more often.

So to truly take advantage of what this opportunity can offer you, I’ve put several things in place:

1. A virtual room where we can meet that is secure and private.

2. A members only forum where we can discuss and share strategy, ask questions, post videos etc.

3. A trading schedule: We meet and trade, Monday through Friday – 9:15 AM – 11:30 AM, EST.

4. Initial List of Traded Futures:
Euro – /6E, e-mini – /ES, Gold – /GC, NDX – /NQ, 30 yr bond – /ZB, 10-yr note – /ZN

5. Initial List of Traded Equities:

How to Accomplish the Impossible

If you’re like most independent traders, you’re “too independent.” It means that you miss out on the leverage and support you get from fellow traders. In fact, you might be too focused on what you have come believe or hope is the Holy Grail strategy. This is when determination and persistence can actually work against you – pushing you further down the wrong path.

When you’re in a trading room like the one I’m suggesting you join, you’ll always be able to vet your strategy and check in with others on your direction. Some will agree with you, some will not – but the value is that you will walk a tighter and more efficient trading path.

There were times in my group when I thought I had really hit upon something big… and then when I brought it to the group, I suddenly saw the flaws. My enthusiasm had blinded me!

There were also times when I thought something I was doing was inconsequential. Another trader would get inspired and test it out with his own spin … and then bring it back to all of us. Those are the “Wow” moments that make everyone realize that group sharing accomplishes things otherwise impossible on your own. I have to say, these are some of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had.

The Logical Signals Trading Room “Group” is a
Way for You to Make Smarter Decisions

My trading groups have always been a way for me to see and capitalize on opportunities in the market that I didn’t know were there. Someone else discovered them or tipped me into the direction and then I experienced them myself. Consequently, I’ve come to the firm conclusion that there’s ALWAYS something good to trade but this wouldn’t be my reality unless I had access to a group.

Now you can have this too. It’s a good, sensible arrangement for any trader. You’re no longer alone wondering if you’re headed in the right direction. Instead, you’ll not only have the benefit of my 25 years of experience to lean on but also every other member who can weigh in on your queries and help move you to the next level.

The great thing is, no one is going to be selling you anything. It’s strictly prohibited.

If you’re part of the Logical Signals Trading Room
– you’re going to get genuine trading support.

You might hear some “out there” strategy from a member from time to time. You might even fall in love with it. But everyone’s going to hear it and that way you’re going to hear other perspectives and I can tell you from experience, this keeps you from getting caught up in a bad idea. Conversely, it opens up opportunity where you normally wouldn’t have gone.

It’s a place to put your own ideas “out there” and see what the group thinks of it. At the very least you’ll get an honest, thorough reading of its potential and if it has legs, you’re going have some traders who take it for a spin and report back.

Are you starting to see how you can
leverage the group to make money?

I’m telling you, this is what makes trading more than a living for me. This is fun. Seeing new opportunities. Learning killer strategy. Hashing out tests we should run. Cranking out the cash. You’re going to get all of this.

Your trading will have a constant stream of opportunities to move in profitable directions you would never have discovered on your own.

It’s been the path of success for so many of the traders I’ve met over the years… we even did this when I was in the pit years ago. At lunch, do you think we talked about our golf scores? But that changed when electronic trading started. We all went into our foxholes and lost something big. That’s why we created our own groups to meet online – it was a natural progression.

Now you can do the very same thing to drive your success, it’s certainly always worked for me.

There’s No End to The Benefits of This Arrangement

I could go on and on, telling you about the benefits of this type of alliance of traders in a room. The vetted strategies, the guarded discoveries, the time and money you save by staying focused, all of us watching each other’s back … let’s put it this way: there’s power in numbers.

Going on your own?

Not so much power. Nowhere near the insight, credible information, or years of experience which you’ll leverage.

If you recognize the opportunity of this unique trading room, you’ll want to join right away. And I’d love to have you but there are only 50 spots.

What Kind of Trader are we Looking For?

You should have a good knowledge of trading. In general terms, that means about a year of experience. This is not a beginner’s room where we teach the basics or hold your hand through every trade. That being said, it’s going to be a hotbed of learning activity for everyone. There’s always something new in the markets! If you’re a total newbie, you’re welcome to join, watch, learn – but please don’t come in expecting to learn trading basics.

We’re going to be focused on trading – you’ll see me take live trades daily. I trade often and I trade small. We’ll also have time to discuss trades, strategy, the markets, and how all of that is impacting our choices of what to do next.

To join, you’ll pay a membership fee.

A one-time $297 initiation fee to join. That covers your unlimited access to the room and the private discussion forum for the first three months. An incredible deal – but I’m looking for the right people. Then it’s $147 per month to stay on. You can leave or come back whenever you want as long as there is space, there are no penalties – you only pay the initiation fee once.

You’ll have a full month to test it out. If it’s not for you, contact me within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll refund the full amount of your initiation fee. In other words, there’s zero risk. Fair as fair can be.

But remember what you’ll be joining – a group of committed traders privy to the kind of information that “made” my career – the kind of discussion and strategy sharing that independent traders never see.

And you get it all – use it, leverage it, bank it.

If you’ve always felt you have some trading chops but knew you could do better, this the perfect arrangement for you. And at this low price, I have to say, a “no-brainer.”

But like I said, you’ll have 30 days to give it a test drive without risking a penny.

Note: you will never be “sold” on taking any strategy or trade. Everything I do and everything that gets discussed is there for you to “take it or leave it.” Run with what works for you and leave the rest, that’s what the Logical Signals Trading Room is all about.

And remember, you’re encouraged to bring any strategy to the group and have it put through some rigorous discussion. I believe if this is the only thing you ever did, it would be worth the price of membership and then some.

Promise me you’ll consider this very carefully today. We’re looking for a small number of committed traders, not a large group of tire-kickers. If you don’t get in, we’ll put you on a waiting list. When a spot opens up, we’ll send you an email, letting you know. Ok?

Signing Up

After you sign up, you’ll receive login access to the trading room and the forum and you’ll be added to our special members list where we’ll let you know about everything that is happening in the group: special webinars, hot discussions on the forum, and what we think is worth taking a look at in the markets.

I’m very excited about the discoveries and profits we’ll make together!

Until we formally meet,
Michael Filighera
Logical Signals

P.S. As part this group, you’re not just a name on a list – I hope that’s abundantly clear from the above. To put a fine point on it, your success is vital to me and the rest of the group – that’s why these groups are so valuable to the members. So if you ever have a question, comment or concern – be sure to stay in close contact with me!

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Michael Filighera has been involved with the financial markets since 1979 when he got his start on the Pacific Stock Exchange Options trading floor. He has traded on the London Traded Options Market, Amsterdam’s European Options Exchange and DTB in Germany.

Michael’s technical analysis pieces covering the major indices, bonds, currencies and commodities of Europe and the U.S. have been published internationally on SeekingAlpha, European Traders Daily, Global Market Strategist and GMS

As a Market Maker on the San Francisco, Amsterdam and London options trading floors he studied the psychology both employed and self-employed by the most successful traders.

Michael’s mission at Logical Signals is to present analysis and tools that contribute to being able to step into the panic and chaos of of the markets and with calm precision and pull out the opportunities from the eye of the storm.

Michael lives in San Francisco where he continues to analyze, trade and research the markets.