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Elliott Wave principle, an important analytical tool for traders

Day Trading Tools I Use in Technical Analysis Elliott Wave Principle In 1939, twelve articles by R.N. Elliott titled “The Wave Principle” were published by The Financial World. From the original publisher’s note: “During the past seven or eight years, publishing of financial magazines and organizations in the investment advisory field have been virtually flooded […]

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Happy New Year…Are We There Yet?

The first trading day of 2016 produced an awesome volatile day with many “decoupling’s” taking place.  The finish of one year and the start of the new year often produce numerous “decouplings” as money begins to shift strategy.  China got things going coming into Monday morning with the major equity exchanges shutting down after dropping […]

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Logical Market Update: First Down Day – The Beginning or Buying Opportunity?

First Down Day For Equities – Just the Beginning or Buying Opportunity? After Monday’s big disappointment courtesy of a very tight inside day, Tuesday’s trading action brought some welcomed relief.  The optimal word is some.   Refreshing is a word I heard used – It was like a fresh cool drink in the desert another contrarian […]

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Logical Market Update: Natural Gas Fails to Ignite a Rally – Price Volatility = Opportunity

Natural Gas Fails to Ignite Rally – Thursday’s Lows Just Above Important Near-Term Support – Increased Price Volatility = Opportunity   Natural Gas dropped over 4% quickly after the latest EIA report showed U.S. stockpiles increasing beyond forecasts.  The August future was off over 18 cents touching 3.55 before recovering to close at 3.59.  The […]

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