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Logical Market Update: Friday is Futures & Options Expiration – Equity Update

Friday is Futures & Options Expiration – Equity Update – GOOG & MSFT Disappoint & Slide 5% Media headlines are becoming more humorous as reporter’s grapple to find a reason for the markets continued rise.   One very popular financial site ran a banner “Breaking News” headline: Detroit Has Filed for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy Protection right […]

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Market Update | Choppy Trade Leaves Traders on the Sidelines and the Markets Still Overbought

Wednesday’s market action was choppy at best. Again, the bulls are not willing to give much here believing that any downside is a gift to get long or longer! Unfortunately, this does nothing to change the near term picture. Technically, the markets and most equities are still at extreme overbought levels. With volatility remaining very […]

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