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What or Who was Behind the Buying in Crude, $CL

With the myriad of players moving in and out of the Crude Oil markets and its affiliate or component products Heating Oil and Unleaded Gasoline, it becomes a definitive benefit to reference a “larger picture” view.  This helps determine the trend and prevents countertrend trading when the markets move into a transition from one level […]

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Happy New Year…Are We There Yet?

The first trading day of 2016 produced an awesome volatile day with many “decoupling’s” taking place.  The finish of one year and the start of the new year often produce numerous “decouplings” as money begins to shift strategy.  China got things going coming into Monday morning with the major equity exchanges shutting down after dropping […]

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Crude Oil – Trading CL – October 20, 2015

Crude Oil continues to be a profitable day trading the front month.  Currently,  that is the December 2015 contract.  Tuesday’s trade delivered winners trending both higher and lower.  Shorts proved to produce the larger moves.  There were also 3 periods of “whiplash” and counter trend trading.  I would describe “whiplash” trading as a small period […]

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Logical Market Update: From That to This & This…

 From that to this & this… For most of this week the best trading has taken place within the first couple of hours of U.S. trading.  But it appears that once lunchtime rolls through the East and Central time zones volume does a vanishing act.  Which often leaves computers with nothing to do but switch […]

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Logical Market Update: Nat Gas Surges Higher Off of Intraday Lows

Natural Gas Surges higher Off of Intraday Lows On the Third Day of the Correction the markets gave to me… Three parabolic earnings trades, two panic buyers and a bear pushed up a pear tree.   Interesting and yet transparent the markets moved back into cross hedging mode – what I mean by this is that […]

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