August 9, 2022

S&P 500 / Elliott Wave Update 8/09/2022 by Michael Filighera

Tuesday’s trade was a continuation of the downside that began yesterday.  Trading though, was sketchy at times, but manageable in terms of having a profitable day.  As I left off last night, should the 4188 high be the completion point for the Minor wave 2 (view #1) or Intermediate wave A, (view #2) the ES would pick up stronger support for the high being place once we can count 5 waves down on the hourly chart.  It is possible to do that, but I’m leaving open the potential for a quick drop down to towards the 200 EMA at 4108 to put in a cleaner 5 waves down.

For tomorrow the CPI number comes out before the opening – expect several violent bigger swings in both directions.  Positive response from the markets would leave the potential for new highs above 4188 to occur before the next decline picks up.  A quick drop to 4100 or below could put in the first 5 down and set the stage for a bounce higher.  And all of that could come before the bell rings tomorrow morning.

Support and resistance levels are updated in the update.