March 22, 2022

S&P 500 / Elliott Wave Update 3/22/2022 by Michael Filighera

Tuesday’s trade saw the buyers return in mass to start the session. The ES raced above resistance at 4485 and did get above 4500 reaching the high at 4515 before pulling back.  Resistance at 4485 to 4490 did provide a “pivot” point for much of the session with the ES again reaching the high in the last hour at 4515.  While I discuss in tonight’s update that I can count 5 waves up to the 4515 high I still feel it is necessary to keep open the potential for additional highs up to next Fibonacci resistance at 4523 and then 4569.  Over the last seven trading sessions the ES has rallied 386 points, which is very impressive in the face of what is happening globally and economically within the U.S.  Nonetheless up we have gone across the board.  I again want to suggest that as traders we need to remain open to the technical picture when trading, since it appears the markets are trading technically.  I am a day trader – I have learned the “hard” way not to get married to any position because of my own opinion.  I trade according to the price action and how it relates to the moving averages and other technical indicators such as point of control, value area highs and lows plus VWAP.  If the markets are being traded technically it seems logical to get on the same “plain” as the markets to trade them with greater success.  I update the resistance levels for the ES in tonight’s update and discuss what to expect should the top be in and the next down sequence is ready to begin.