April 3, 2022

Premier of The Eye of the Storm Podcast – Part One -SPX/NDX Long Term Picture 4/02/2022

Premier edition of the Eye of the Storm podcast – tonight Part One, SPX and NDX long term picture update – where we’ve come from – what is next for equities – Elliott Wave count updated along with cycles – Initial support levels discussed as well as the technical picture that will combine with the ongoing myriad of economic, political, geopolitical with military aggression and what comes along the way.  

Part two will cover the long term picture for Interest Rates, the Dollar, inflation and all the trimmings that will affect us all. Part three with cover the long term pictures for the Precious Metals – gold and silver – again interest rates/inflation, the U.S. $, ongoing geopolitical situations, etc.

Long term my goal is to incorporate others into discussions regarding the various markets and trading.  Keep an eye of for a hopefully awesome intro clip to be added. ,