October 3, 2022

NASDAQ 100 & S&P 500 / Eye of the Storm Podcast 10/03/2022 by Michael Filighera

Monday’s trade produced a more convincing bottom likely completing Minor wave 5 and in turn Intermediate wave 3 in both the NQ and ES.  I have updated the labeling to reflect the completion point for both Minor 5 and Intermediate 3.  I also include Fibonacci retracements for the expected Intermediate 4th wave bounces.  Ultimately the A-B-C patterns could retrace back to the 3800 area in the ES and 11675 for the NQ.  Those numbers will be revised as the pattern rolls out.

I also discuss the longer-term picture with respect to the Primary C wave decline in force off of the 13741 high in the NQ and 4328 in the ES.  If yesterday’s Globex low completed Intermediate wave 3 of Primary 5, the Intermediate 4th wave will lead to an additional stronger leg down.  Intermediate wave 5 could also be an extended wave.  I review the Fibonacci extensions for Primary wave C.  The current count in both markets suggests we may be 50 to 60% complete with the larger Cycle A wave decline — Primary C will eventually put in the bottom for Cycle A.  Thus far the area of the previous 4th wave – that being the Primary 4 waves that bottomed in March 2020.

For tomorrow, expectations are for the A-B- C Intermediate 4th waves to continue.