April 8, 2024

NASDAQ 100 & S&P 500 / Elliott Wave Update 4/08/2024 by Michael Filighera

Today’s update I’m taking a deep dive into the Minor 5th waves in both the NQ and ES. It has been a very difficult Elliott count to put together and remain consistent with the larger picture — That has not changed. I continue to look for the complete of the larger Primary B wave and the start of a Primary C wave down. As I started with and left the Podcasts are Saturday – the markets needed to gap lower or higher to determine – the count and either the lame duck minute 5th waves still needed to complete the advances or a repeat of Thursday but somewhat stronger. I clear up the Elliott structures as I see them — and discuss why I’m allowing an overlap. No major/minor economic data being released on Tuesday — Wednesday is CPI and Thursday is PPI.