August 1, 2022

NASDAQ 100 / Elliott Wave Update 8/01/2022 by Michael Filighera

Monday’s trade was very much in “summertime” mode.  Slow and light volumes.  The NQ, though, did manage to push to a high at 13108 within the first hour of trade and the promptly sank to the session low at 12897 and then it got slow.  With regard to the 2 views, I am currently tracking both remain on equal footing as to which is ultimately going to follow through.

For tomorrow, I am continuing to leave open the potential for the rally to continue and reach 13168 and most likely beyond.  The EW count as shown remains tracking a Minor wave 2 countertrend rally.  Within wave 2 the NQ remains tracing out wave “C” of 2.  Resistance to complete the Minor wave 2 comes in at 13168, 13289, and then it jumps to a zone from 13576, 13665 to 13754.

I also continue to feel that the end of the current rally will be “news” driven as I believe it will take a sucker punch to knock the wind out of the buyers.  There are many possible causes scattered around the country and the globe.  In any case should the downside get triggered I would expect a quick drop down through the 4h 20MA, the 50’s both EMA and SMA, and then the 200’s both EMA and SMA and I would expect that to be the “kick off” for the next leg down.