April 18, 2022

NASDAQ 100 / Elliott Wave Update 4/18/2022 by Michael Filighera

Monday’s trade was an interesting combination of bulls and bears.  Initially the NQ opened higher with the buyers pushing the index over 14,000 after dipped to a low at 13729 during the Globex session.  I have updated the Elliott count to reflect the end of minute wave 1 of Minor wave 3 at 13729.  That being the case suggests that today’s session put in likely waves A and B of a minute wave 2 bounce.  Wave “C” of 2 remains in progress and while above the 50 MA should find support at 13948, which is Fibonacci support as well as where the hourly 50 and the hourly 8 MA’s are sitting.  Additional upside should find resistance at 14016, 14083 to 14133 with this zone being a candidate to hold and complete minute wave 2.  A break above 14133 brings the hourly 200 MA into the picture with its resistance being at 14242.  Ultimately, I am continuing to look for the larger Minor and Intermediate 3rd waves down to continue.