March 14, 2022

NASDAQ 100 / Elliott Wave Update 3/14/2022 by Michael Filighera

Monday’s trade added support to the minute wave 3 decline being in force.  The count itself suggests that we are now dropping in a “3 of 3” move.  In tonight’s update I spoke about some interesting factors outside of the equity markets that added sell pressure to the equity indexes.  First up was an announcement from Barclay’s of the discontinuation of two ETN’s – one being the VXX – the VXX options saw a huge jump in volatility to over 230% with the VXX being up over $4.45 during the session.  The other news was what is happening over in HYG, the iShares High Yield ETF, where it appears that the fund is collapsing trading down over a full point during today’s session.  In the NQ the market did rally for the first hour and a half as the minute wave 3 decline continued.  The internal count shows the completion of subminute waves 1 and 2 with subminute wave 3 possibly complete at today’s 13015 low.  As discussed on last night’s update the market did begin to accelerate to the downside and broke below the 20 MA and support at 4 different levels.  The NQ has yet to break below 13000, which it held after 3 attempts to break below.  If the small internal count is correct expectations from here would be for a small 4th wave bounce to hold below 13100 before again picking up the downside via a subminute 5th wave down.  The 13,000 level should be broken cleanly with support then dropping to 12985.  While the market may bounce there I would expect a continuation to again drop the NQ to next support at 12861.  Ultimately, I believe that the NQ will drop into the zone at 12724 to 12502 before minute wave 3 is complete.