October 20, 2021

NASDAQ 100 / Elliott Wave Update 10/20/2021 by Michael Filighera

Wednesday’s trade started as the last five sessions with a quick pop to new sequence highs and also to the next Fibonacci resistance level at 15436.  Once the high at 15446 was established the NQ did an about face and dropped just over 100 points with Fibonacci support at 14316 holding as well as the 50 MA also at 15314.  While this low may have completed a small corrective phase, I have relabeled the minute waves within Minor wave “C”.  I have moved the completion point for minute wave 3 of “C” to today’s 15446 high with the decline to 15316 being part or all of the minute wave 4 correction.  While I believe that additional upside is coming, I can’t just yet rule out that the small corrective wave 4 is complete — therefore we may see an “inside” day whereby the NQ remains in a “wedge” pattern as it forms more than likely a small triangle to complete wave 4.  If this is the case the triangle would finish with a thrust higher to kick of the resumption of the advance.  Continued support for wave 4 remains at 15400, 15375, with potential to drop to 15225 to 15197.  Along with the relabeling I have also included additional Fibonacci extensions.  Ultimately my expectations remain for the NQ to reach the all time high at 15709 with strong potential for the rally to reach above 16000.