February 24, 2024

Eye of the Storm Podcast – Big Picture Technical Update – NASDAQ 100 – 2/24/2024 by Michael Filighera and Sascha Goring

Today I review the Big Picture for the S&P 500 – focus is on the futures market — My larger count remains the same in that the ES remains within the final Minor 5th wave up to complete Intermediate wave C and in turn Primary wave B. Within Minor wave 5, I am counting an expanding diagonal triangle of minute degree — with the triangle I have counted minute waves 1-4, which puts the ES in minute wave 5. Minute 5 will ultimately form a 5-3-5 zigzag pattern. I’m looking for an additional smaller rally again to new highs to complete wave A of 5, which should be followed by a B wave and then a C wave rally to finish the moves. I also update and include Fibonacci extensions for the balance of wave 5 plus Fibonacci retracements for the internal moves.

We also again present our Trade Room — on Discord which is open to new members – and talk about how we will expand the trade room to include intraday/day trading in the ES – currently our focus remains the NQ for day trading. We both are open to accept new coaching clients and Sascha is open to accepting analysis requests that would include Crypto currencies and I am accepting analysis requests on individual stocks, ETF’s and other indices within the Equity, Treasury and Precious metals markets. Check us out at www.logicalsignals-trading.com.