December 11, 2022

Eye of the Storm Podcast / 12/10/2022 / SPX, NDX, Treasuries, Gold, Silver & US Dollar Index

Tonight I update the current big pictures for the SPX and NDX – adding additional labeling and adjusting Fibonacci retracements and extensions.

Also, included tonight I update the Elliott and Fibonacci levels for the Treasuries which include the 30 year bond and 10,5, 2 year notes. I add discussion on how the Elliott counts for the equity indexes and the treasuries may interact and in what type of pattern.

Tonight I include Gold and Silver – taking a look at the picture picture in both.  Both by the way are looking to be preparing for a major launch higher.  I include some discussion on what could stimulate both metals to pick up the pace.

Also, on tonight’s podcast I bring the US Dollar Index into the conversation.  Updating the larger picture for the US$ using the DXY.