November 30, 2022

Eye of the Storm Podcast / 11/05/2022 – Guest: Sunny Harris

Today’s post is the first of several Podcasts with guests. Today’s guest is Sunny Harris.

Sunny is a full-time trader (42 years) who also published Traders’ Catalog & Resource Guide (TC&RG) magazine for 8 years, beginning in 1993, she sponsors The Money Mentor on the Internet (since 1995), and was rated #1 trader in the under $10 million category by Stark Research, achieving 365% profit and 178% profit. Ms. Harris’s first book, Trading 101 — How to Trade Like a Pro, sold out in the first two weeks, and continues to be a financial best-seller. Her second book, Trading 102 — Getting Down to Business, was released in October 1998 and also has achieved record sales. In early 2000, Harris released Electronic Day Trading 101, addressing the basics of trading online and through direct access brokerage, followed by Getting Started in Trading in 2001, and TradeStation Made Easy! in 2011 (which won 1st place in the prestigious STAR Awards.)

Sunny is now writing her 7th book: EasyLanguage Object-Oriented Programming Made Easy! due out in 2022. Reserve your copy now. In addition to full-time trading, Sunny continues to write more trading books, and provide consulting for individual and institutional clients, including custom tailored mentoring and custom programmed indicators and strategies. See more. Sunny took an 18 year hiatus from full-time trading (doing Swing Trading on a longer term basis) from 2002 til 2020, raising her grandsons, one of whom is special-needs.

Now she’s back full-time! With TSME complete, she has begun a new, and ground-breaking work, called Solving the Puzzle, after her world renowned 3-day seminars. In this book she reveals everything a new trader needs (from Step 1 to Step 22) to learn to be a real trader. This is the material that was in her acclaimed 3-day international seminars, and more. This novel book is more than a book: it is more than a correspondence course: it is 22 lessons, each accompanied by a half-hour session with Sunny over the phone and internet, to augment your learning and answer all your questions and connect directly with your computer to walk you through every step. In addition to that one, Sunny is also writing “EasyLanguage Object-Oriented Programming Made Easy!” with her friend and master EasyLanguage programmer Samuel K. Tennis. (“Ask Mr. EasyLanguage”)

Don’t be reluctant to give Sunny a call at (760) 908-3070. She loves to talk with traders, new and seasoned alike.