January 10, 2023

Eye of the Storm Podcast 1/03/2023 with guest Ben Letto of SBG Trading by Michael Filighera

Today’s guest has a long history with writing code for trading. Ben Letto and I also have a long history together that started in 2013 when I began to use Indicator Warehouse products known as the “birds” – the Hawk, Falcon, Eagle and Raptor. Ben has since continue to write code for traders and today I am excited to bring Ben’s latest algorithm to the Eye of the Storm Podcast. BOSA, (Buy one Sell Another) is a trading algorithm that produces “pairs” trading. It is easy to apply to many futures markets within indexes, forex, commodities, and precious metals. Enjoy today’s presentation and I invite you to check out Ben’s website and BOSA!

Link to Ben’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIGa7FDEhzRgSy1Ava9SPYQ

Ben’s email address: mailto:sbgtradingcorp@gmail.com