June 28, 2021

Elliott Wave Update – NQ – June 27, 2021

Friday’s trade remained in a consolidation pattern thru the entire session.  I have adjusted the internal labelling for the larger minor wave III and within minor wave V I have made adjustments also to minute wave iii and iv.  All points have been shifted higher in order to better reflect the wave structure but also to correct any wave structure conflicts.  The NQ does remain in a minor 5th wave advance and within it a minute 5 wave advance. The adjustments to the labelling does reflect much better in the Fibonacci extensions for minor wave 5.  Previously the rally was pushing up against levels that didn’t allow enough room Fibonacci ‘wise’ to the upside.  Expectations remain for the NQ to continue higher to new all time highs but the range is now expanded to include the possibility of a run to the 61.8% level at 15040 with the 50% level a bit lower at 14635.