September 7, 2021

Elliott Wave Update – ES – September 7, 2021

Tuesday’s trade saw an uptick in volume as the ES slid lower.  The market did reach session lows at 4510.50 before putting in a recovery bounce.  I have adjusted the Elliot count by marking the existing high at 4549.50 as the completion point for minute wave 3.  That then makes the decline off the high as an unfolding minute wave 4.  Thus far it appears that waves ‘A’ and ‘B’ of 4 are complete with most of the ‘c’ wave also seemingly complete.  An additional decline though in the way of wave 5 of ‘C’.  Support for the balance of the ‘C’ wave comes in at 4500 and then 4481.  Expectations remain for the larger advances to again pick up and move to new highs as the larger sequences complete.  Remember at this juncture I am looking for a minute wave 5 up to complete Minor wave 5, Intermediate wave 5, Primary wave 5 and Cycle wave 5.  That all remains the same along with the projected Fibonacci levels to complete the moves.  Unless a break below 4414 happens first, my expectations for a high above 4575 to 4600 remain in place.