July 5, 2021

Elliott Wave Update – ES – July 5, 2021

Friday’s trade while on the light and slow side did give me enough information to update the Elliott labelling.  Within Intermediate wave 5 I have been counting a Minor degree 5 wave advance – I have changed the degree of the advance on the sub minute level.  The June 20th low at 4126.75 is now labelled at the completion point for subminute wave 2.  This now suggests that subminute wave 3 is still in progress and is also subdividing.  Within subminute wave 3, waves 1 – 4 are complete with wave 5 underway with the start of Globex trading today.  What changing the labelling has also provided is new Fibonacci extensions with resistance clusters for the continuation of the Minor wave 3 advance.  Ultimately, the labelling change also gives the larger Minor wave 5 and Intermediate wave 5 an additional 200+ points of room to complete all of the sequences up.  I update the count and Fibonacci extensions to reflect the expected sequences of 4th and 5th waves to complete from the subminute level to the minute, minor, and Intermediate level advances.