August 10, 2021

Elliott Wave Update – ES – August 10, 2021

Tuesday’s trade did provide an additional layer of info and labelling. The ES did manage to pull out a new all time high this morning at 4438.25 just shy of the Fibonacci resistance at 4441.  While this would fulfill the requirements to complete the minute wave 3 I am still very enthusiastic about the structure of the advance.  Which did get me to take a step back and relook at the decline off of the 44433.25 high.  At the moment I have labelled the low at 4412 as the completion point for subminute wave 4, that would make the advance off the low as subminute wave 5 and still needing an additional high to complete the move and minute wave 3.  Stay with me though, as the alternate view suggests that subminute wave 4 is still in progress.  In the video I go into detail on a pattern Elliott noted and it has merit. Should it be the view that is occurring it suggests that today’s high at 4438.25 complete and irregular ‘b’ wave of 4 and wave ‘c’ of 4 is now unfolding.  Again if this is the case I would look for wave ‘c’ to bring the ES back down to support at 4409 to 4404.  Expectations then would remain for a subminute wave 5 up to complete minute wave 3 again in the zone from 4441 to 4464.