Dan Ascani

After earning bachelor’s degrees in economics and psychology from UCLA, Dan began his career as a stockbroker in the early 1980s, and by 1984 hosted his own financial television show.

Dan also appeared regularly on financial programs on CNBC, Bloomberg, KWHY in Los Angeles, and other financial stations across the country.

Dan hosted The Defending Your Money radio show from 2009-2012. That show is now a part of DefendingYourMoney.com, available on the World Wide Web, YouTube, and wherever you get your podcasts.

Photograph of Dan Ascani at his desk

Dan Ascani, founder of DefendingYourMoney.com

Dan’s experience also comes from his professional experience as a money manager, futures trader, and market research publisher.

Dan also ran a hedge fund and was instrumental in developing and executing the strategies for the initial family of Rydex funds, a Capiello-Rushmore fund, and a gold Exchange Traded Fund.

In the 2000s, Dan’s work was critical in pioneering securitized gold, now found in exchange traded funds and forming a cornerstone of portfolio allocation.

Dan has spoken at many domestic and world financial conferences, and has edited and/ or published popular newsletters such as the Elliott Wave Currency and Commodity Forecast, The Elliott Wave Theorist telephone hotline, the world’s first 900-line Stock Market Signals, the popular newsletter and research publication The Global Market Strategist, the Safe Money Report, and Profits Without Borders.

Dan’s deep knowledge of how the markets function comes from “getting down in the weeds,” trading futures, stocks, and options and working with, and learning from, institutions to develop and execute strategies and develop quantitative models.

Dan’s path has led him to embrace modern trends in the financial market strategies and hedging that has tweaked his desire to make these sophisticated institutional strategies public in the form of his publications, radio and TV shows, and now YouTube and podcasts.

His path also led him to put together a global consortium of institutions and a government agency with the goal of developing and bringing to market the first gold exchange traded fund.

Dan currently publishes financial market research and advice on DefendingYourMoney.com and also publishes a sister service for traders and investors - ProTrader Alert.

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