Coaching with Michael:

  1. Develop and maintain a trading process – Things a trader needs to do on a day to day basis to be a good trader.
  2. Understand the motivation to trade – do you have enough capital to achieve the goal. Tailoring trading goals to account size.
  3. Establish a business plan that will guide your trading – trading is a business – being committed to the process is essential. Also setting objectives for trading
  4. Developing the necessary discipline and overcoming issues.
  5. Developing the Trade – Indicators, Elliott & Fibonacci – How to set them up and monetize them!


Contact Michael and let him know what you would like to walk away with after the coaching. He can tailor the coaching sessions to your exact needs. When you are ready to book your coaching, choose the option below that suits you best.


Coaching Prices

$150 / 1 hour session

$400/ 3 – 1 hour sessions

$800/ 6 – 1  hour sessions

$1200 / 12 – 1 hour sessions


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