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ES, and NQ – February 15,2021

The YM, ES, and NQ closed at new highs on Friday and added to those highs during Monday’s globex sessions.  Volumes remain on the low side with the absence of any serious selling producing what may be best viewed as short covering as the US markets take a day off in observance of President’s Day. […]

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Analytical Tools | Day Trading Tools | Elliott Wave

Elliott Wave principle, an important analytical tool for traders

Day Trading Tools I Use in Technical Analysis Elliott Wave Principle In 1939, twelve articles by R.N. Elliott titled “The Wave Principle” were published by The Financial World. From the original publisher’s note: “During the past seven or eight years, publishing of financial magazines and organizations in the investment advisory field have been virtually flooded […]

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What or Who was Behind the Buying in Crude, $CL

With the myriad of players moving in and out of the Crude Oil markets and its affiliate or component products Heating Oil and Unleaded Gasoline, it becomes a definitive benefit to reference a “larger picture” view.  This helps determine the trend and prevents countertrend trading when the markets move into a transition from one level […]

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